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d|part is a non-profit, independent and non-partisan think tank. The focus of our work is to research and support different forms of political participation.

Our Mission

With our research, we seek to contribute to a democratic society in which all people can voice their opinion as well as participate and contribute to political processes. Thus, we need to better understand, strengthen, and enhance political participation.

Our Work

In our work, we use evidence-based research and scientific expertise to gain new insights to inform policy and social debates and to actively disseminate to different target groups. These include state institutions, politicians, and political parties as well as civil society organisations, the media, and public administrations. Especially, we want to engage with and advocate with our research for social groups that are otherwise reached less frequently or with greater difficulty by “the politics”.

We have particular expertise in working on the participation of social groups that are often politically underrepresented. As such, we focus on addressing and enhancing the political participation of young people, people with migration biographies, and people with lower socio-economic status.

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