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Scientific evaluation of the ‘Jugend entscheidet’ project

Like d|part, the non-profit Hertie Foundation is convinced that young people want to have a say and shape things. With the scientific evaluation of the project "Jugend entscheidet", we are analysing the changes that youth participation projects in municipalities achieve among the young people and municipal representatives involved.


Like d|part, the non-profit Hertie Foundation is convinced that young people want to have their say and enrich democracy with their ideas. To promote this in a very practical way, the Hertie Foundation has initiated the ‘Jugend entscheidet’ (Youth decides) project. Ten municipalities in the first year and 15 municipalities in the second year from all over Germany are taking part in the programme and entrusting young people with a specific local political decision. The municipalities and young people are supported by experienced process facilitators from ‘Politik zum Anfassen e.V.’, who accompany the participating young people in the decision-making process. All those involved in the project are convinced that young people and local authorities can learn from each other and work together to make their towns and villages fit for the future.

Scientific evaluation

We at d|part are responsible for the scientific evaluation of the project. We are not only analysing the extent to which the project objectives have been achieved, but also want to find out to what extent successful youth participation can promote good governance in municipalities in Germany. In addition to measuring the impact on the participating young people and in relation to the municipal teams, we are also evaluating the question of what ‘good governance’ can actually mean at municipal level.

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