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Votes at 16

d|part brings together knowledge, activists and policymakers to make Votes at 16 a success.


More and more countries around the world are discussing a lowering of the voting age to 16, often with the aim of addressing young people’s representation in politics and society, their electoral participation and intergenerational justice.

At d|part, we have worked with researchers, governments and activist groups from around the world to establish how earlier enfranchisement can become a success for young people and democracies: through meaningful engagement of youth organisations, campaigns led by young people, politicians and political parties who actively address the needs of young people, through meaningful civic education in and outside of schools as well as young people represented in the media reporting of political and societal issues.

We have accompanied the lowering of the voting age in Scotland and Wales with our research, give evidence-based advice on what works, and collaborate with activists and policy makers in multiple countries around the world. By sharing materials, experiences and insights, we strengthen international cooperation on youth political engagement and contribute to making Votes at 16 a successful practice.

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