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Youth Participation

d|part makes visible the complexities of young people's lived experiences and helps to understand their political attitudes and engagement with politics.


Young people’s political views and their engagement with politics are a recurring topic of public debate. In these debates, young people are often characterised as either disengaged and disconnected from the political process or as sources of direct action, protests and emerging activism. Neither story is entirely accurate. With our research, we at d|part take into account the complexity of young people’s lived experiences in order to understand their political attitudes and engagement with politics. 

Through original empirical research with young people, we make visible the differences in political attitudes and behaviours between young people and older cohorts as well as within young age groups. Using qualitative research, we also provide insights into the ways young people think about politics today.  

We work closely with youth groups, young people’s representatives, practitioners of civic education, and civil society organisations to improve their work with young people. We work with and advise politicians, political parties, and policymakers to better represent young people’s views in the political process. 

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