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By providing scientific evaluations, we help our cooperation partners to gain a deeper understanding of their impact, existing strengths, challenges and development potential. By expanding their knowledge, we strengthen our partners in their work and increase the impact of their projects.

More insights, more impact

d|part is a think tank for political participation. With our research, we want to contribute to  social development that enables all people to have a voice and participate. Therefore, we support civil society organizations and political institutions with applied research and scientific expertise to further develop their projects and programmes in this direction. In doing so, we incorporate our many years of experience in research and project work on participation processes. Through scientific evaluations, our cooperation partners gain a deeper understanding of the effects, existing strengths, weaknesses, challenges and development potential. Our aim is to strengthen our partners in their work by expanding their knowledge and increasing the impact of their projects.

Our methodological toolbox for scientific evaluation

We involve our cooperation partners and their stakeholders throughout the entire process in order to strengthen the interest and relevance of our scientific evaluation within the organisation and the project. Together we design a customized concept for the scientific evaluation, taking individual needs and specific requirements into account. Our toolbox includes a wide range of methods such as quantitative and qualitative surveys, impact measurement, analyis of empirical material and data, workshops, focus groups and participatory observation of events. This enables us to conduct comprehensive and in-depth analyses of a high scientific quality. We want our research to have an impact. That is why we also support our partners in communicating the results within their organization and, on request, help them to extravert the findings to the general public or other target groups. Sharing and discussing the results beyond one’s own organization can make an important contribution to better understanding, developing and strengthening participation.

Strengthening democratic organizations

We are a non-profit, independent and non-partisan think tank. We have particular expertise in working on the socio-political participation of groups that are often politically underrepresented. Our scientific evaluation is aimed at political or civil society foundations, think tanks, non-profit organizations, associations or initiatives as well as institutions and administrations at local, state and federal level.

Our cooperation partners to date include the project „JUGENDSTIL* – Teilhabe und Mitgestaltung junger Migrant*innen in Ostdeutschland” from the Citizens for Citizens Foundation, the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation and their programme „Gemeinsam.Demokratie.Gestalten.” and the non-profit Hertie-Foundation. For their programme “Jugend entscheidet”, we were able to show through an impact measurement how youth participation changes the attitudes and actions of both the municipal administrations and the young people involved.

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