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Dr. Jan Eichhorn

Partner - d|part

Jan co-founded d|part and is a partner and research director of the think tank. He coordinates the development and implementation of d|part’s research projects, leads the work of the core team and organises coordination with external partners. In his research, Jan works with both large representative survey data (the collection of which he often also plans) and qualitative methods such as focus groups, small group interviews and expert interviews. He often does this in comparative projects across several countries and with the following focal points: Youth participation, economic understandings and dissonances between elite and popular perspectives.

Beyond research, Jan advises various political institutions (such as parts of the German, British or Scottish governments and the European Commission), civil society organisations, parties and policy makers, as well as political foundations. He has also conducted a variety of political education workshops and programmes and frequently comments on political processes for print and broadcast media in several countries.

In addition to his work at d|part, Jan is also a Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Edinburgh. He holds a Bachelor in Integrated Social Science from Jacobs University Bremen and a PhD in Sociology from the University of Edinburgh.

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