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Dr. Christine Hübner

Partner - d|part

Christine is a founding partner at d|part. She guides the team in questions of study design and choice of research methods. In addition to her work at d|part, Christine is a Lecturer at Sheffield Methods Institute at the University of Sheffield, where she teaches research methods and researches young people’s political behaviour, perceptions of citizenship, and democratic renewal. She has published widely on young people’s political views, on the changing nature of civic and democratic engagement, and on questions of political legitimacy.
Christine has over ten years of experience in research, leading large-scale survey projects in commercial and public opinion research and having worked with a range of qualitative and quantitative research methods. She regularly provides evidence-based advice to policymakers and civil society organisations in Scotland, Wales, the UK, Germany, as well as at the European level.
Christine holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, UK, an MSc in Business Administration from Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and a BA in Social Sciences from Jacobs University Bremen, Germany.

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